The Reasons Why You Might Need To Get A Tree Survey Done


A tree survey is an important report that is completed on private or public areas of nature. The objective of the tree survey is to obtain information on the plants and flora so that the managers of that property or the homeowners can make important decisions based on this information. Based on this information, they can then decide what to do with the flora.

This report will typically contain all sorts of important information about the nature, and is conducted by a professional arborist. They will follow guidelines or a certain standard in order to determine which pieces of nature will stay and which will have to go. The tree survey will contain information to do with the species, physical measurements, the health, the life expectancy and management recommendations. People will obtain a tree survey for a variety of reasons, primarily because they want to build on the land and will need to see which flora can be removed or because they want to build near the flora.

Here are some more reasons why you might need to get a tree survey done.

Keep the nature healthy

arborist completing a tree survey

Majority of the plants in our landscapes need to be taken care of.
This means being watered and given proper nutrition to grow and flourish.
They also need to be pruned and maintained regularly for their growth to look good. A professional arborist can use a tree survey in order to ensure that these are in good health too and if any adjustments need to be made in order to ensure their good health. The flora is considered a big investment, and therefore you would want to protect your investment and so a report is a good way to find out if there are any simple steps that need to be taken to keep them healthy and growing properly. The report is also an important management tool for your property. Furthermore, by conducting a report the arborist can spot unwanted pests or health issues early on before they become a serious problem and cause major damage. This is very important if you want to protect your investment from harm.

Prevent damage to your property

By conducting a tree survey, you will have the flora regularly pruned back and any branches that may be growing too far out or over the property will be pruned back. This will ensure that your property is safe from damage, as during a storm these branches can become a hazard to your home. It is important to prune these branches back as too often are there cases where large branches have collapsed onto houses during bad weather and crushed roofs in or smashed cars and windows. Moreover, a report will allow an arborist to see if there are roots that may be spreading and are strong enough to damage a house’s foundation. This can obviously cause a serious issue and threatens the structural integrity of the entire property.

Determine whether something needs to be cut down

A tree survey can tell you if something needs to be cut down, as maybe it is bound to fall soon and can cause a lot of damage to a property, or if something has an insect infestation which can weaken it. These are factors that a tree survey can describe to you.

In summary, a tree survey is useful for a variety of reasons including keeping your landscapes healthy, preventing damage to your property from hanging branches or strong roots spreading to the foundation and determining whether something needs to be cut down.