How To Choose Designer Swimsuits For Your Body Type

woman wearing a bikini

Finding the right designer swimsuits for your body type can be confusing, there are so many options available after all. Trying on all the different styles, colours and options available seems like an impossible task and it can be complicated trying to work out what qualities are best for your body shape. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you find the perfect designer swimsuits for you with this guide. Read below to figure out what suits your body type.

Full bust

If you have a larger bust it can be difficult picking out designer swimsuits. Many designs are small and won’t provide the support you need and may leave you feeling uncomfortable and exposed at the beach. If you have a larger bust then it’s a good idea to opt for something that offers moderate coverage as this will help to accentuate your best assets. Look for designs with underwire as this will provide you with more support and make you more comfortable. Thicker straps will similarly provide you with better comfort and support. Look for tops with V-shaped necklines as this will draw the eye to your assets and flatter your figure. Designer swimsuits that feature a halter are also a good idea. People with fuller busts should steer clear of skinny straps and push-up padding.

Small bust

If you have a small bust then you’ll want to go for designer swimsuits that feature push-up padding, or lifting features – this will give you a little boost and accentuate your curves. Another option is to opt for a top with ruffles or a lot of horizontal lines as this will give the illusion of a bigger bust area. People with smaller busts should avoid triangle tops and rectangular solid shapes as this will make a smaller bust more apparent.

Plus size

Plus-size woman wearing a designer swimsuit

If your plus sized then you should look for designer swimsuits that flatter your figure. A great way to do this is by choosing designs that are brightly coloured for the areas you want to accentuate whilst using dark colours for areas that you’d prefer to minimise – you might for instance want to go for a bright yellow top and black bottoms. Some prints can also help to give the illusion of a longer and leaner bust or narrower hips. Look for features that will make your stomach area appear smaller, such as ruching or panelling. Avoid solid colours as this will make you appear wider.


If you’re stick thin and straight up and down than we’d suggest option for ruffles and horizontal design on top, this will give you a bit more volume around the bust. Push-ups or padded options are also a good idea if you’d like to accentuate your chest. Go for bottoms with accessories like belts or small ruffles and skirts as this will also give you a bit more volume on your bottom. If your think avoid triangle tops.

Short torso

If you’d like to elongate your body then go for a one piece suit with an asymmetrical pattern as this will make you look taller. Go for designs with high necks or halter that will make your body look longer.

Long torso

If you have a longer torso than go for designer swimsuits that break up your body, belts, horizontal stripes or high cut legs will give the illusion of a shorter torso. V neck designs and bandeu or tankini designs are also a good idea.

When choosing designer swimsuits the most important thing is to remember to just embrace your figure and find something you feel comfortable in.