Everything to Know About Garrett Leight Glasses

Everything to Know About Garrett Leight Glasses

Garrett Leight glasses are top-notch options. The optical company began operations in 2010. The establishment was inspired by Garrett’s Father. His efforts have brought a level of creativity and culture to California as he was the founder of Oliver Peoples, another optical brand.

Garrett has developed a new system for glasses in Los Angeles and across the world. His efforts have developed the brand such that it has become the family’s legacy, celebrity’s choice, and exclusive distribution.

Surprisingly, Leight did not start his career making glasses. Rather, he studied journalism and wanted to be a musician. He was just a creative who was ready to get the world at his feet no matter what he did.

The idea began in 2009 when he started his store in Venice. At the beginning of their career, their focus was on older people who care about their eyesight and will appreciate the glasses. However, fame has developed across all ages, such that Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio, and also Jeff Bezos have rocked the glasses on different occasions.

What should I expect when I purchase a pair of Garrett Leight Glasses?

The glasses are designed with a great level of detail such that they feature a high level of technical precision. The finishing of the glasses is done manually by hand in China. However, the material for those come from various locations of the world like Italy, Japan, and Germany.

Garrett Leight Glasses are an ideal balance between contemporary and classic influences. You cannot deny the beauty of every item. It is always a top consideration for people with a great fashion sense. The glasses are covetable, and you would want to have at least a pair for yourself.

The goal of the glasses is to design an amazing experience for users and educate them about the products, how they are made, and why the glasses are good sources of investment considering their value.

How do I know the best glasses for me?

Glasses from Garrett Leight

If it is all for fashion, you can reach out to experts at Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO) to select the most appropriate collection for you. However, if the purpose of the glasses is for medical purposes, you should contact a medical expert for diagnosis. You can reach out to GLCO afterward with the description. Even if your lenses are recommended, you can still purchase your frames from them.

Amazing facts about Garrett Leight Glasses

Did you know that when Garrett Leight first launched, it started with four frames? Well, it did. The frames were named after locations in his hometown, Venice Beach. They were;

  • Rialto
  • Hampton
  • Brooks
  • Speedway


Over the years, you would agree that there have been several classics and trendy designs of Garrett Leight glasses. The truth of the matter is that the brand is not slowing down at the moment. He has won big customers to his brands over the years, which means that you can always trust the quality of their service. Reach out to them for your Californian or other desirable styles.